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Say Cheers! To Sexual Hedonism with Rambaan Homeopathy

The word “Sex” is still a big taboo in the Indian society. Nature gifted us with reproductive abilities, but with the evolvement of Human-Beings, sex didn’t remain a mode of reproduction alone, it also became a mode of recreation and self-esteem. A healthy sexual life between partners is not only a symbol of love between them, but also speaks volumes of their being stress and disease free in today’s stressful era. On the other hand a couple which is not experiencing fun filled, passionate orgasmic sex, may have a disastrous life. This can be because of either partner’s lack of interest in sex, although Indian society has always considered women to be passive partners, which actually spoils the game, and deprives it of the thrill, climax and ecstasy that can be attained between two equally performing partners.  


A male partner’s lack of interest in the sexual act may be because of number of reasons which include Loss of Libido, Weak or placid Erections, ErectileDysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and problem in Retention of Erection. Most of these problems are often associated with excessive Masturbation due to sexual fantasies in growing ages. If a male is experiencing anyone of these issues, it can devastate his self esteem and ruin his copulate life. Usually men suffering from either of these issues avoid seeking professional help and rely on much advertised OTC available drugs and massage oils (of any stream of medicine) claiming quick and effective results within a short span of time, which are actually of little or no help, sometimes such patients land up consulting their problem with Quacks, either way the root problem is not addressed and patients end up losing their hard earned money and further aggravating the problem.


Unsuccessful sexual life can lead to depression, anxiety and stress, to get rid of this patients tend to adopt many vices like smoking and alcohol, in the hope that they will boost them, whereas science has proven time and again that these actually act as depressants. Homeopathy can help such patients as it not only addresses the physical part of the problem, but also the mental, emotional and hormonal issues that are in the root of the problem i.e. it works at the systemic level instead of symptomatic level, and none of the advertised OTC available drugs and massage oils (of any stream of medicine) will ever be able to attend to them. But, please don’t expect any magical and overnight results, as homeopathic medicines are organic in nature and sourced from natural herbs, minerals and metals. They don’t contain any synthetic drugs like Tadalafil (Cialis) and Sildenafil Citrate (Viagra), which offer immediate erections, but can have telling effects on your overall health, and also promote drug dependency instead of making you self sufficient.


I therefore suggest such patients to feel free and login to Rambaan where our experienced expert consultants will lend you a helping hand and will ensure that you are once again able to enjoy your sexual life in particular, and life as a whole. You can trust that Rambaan.com honours privacy and your confidentiality, is of utmost importance to us. Even the medicines/ packaging that are sent to you don’t carry any promotional pictures etc. on them so that you can use your prescription in a care-free manner!!!





Writer Mr. Charanjit Singh is a Director at Rambaan Aushadhi Pvt. Ltd.