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Manage Diabetes and associated complications with Rambaan Homeopathy

The number of patients with type 2 diabetes is increasing rapidly in both developed and developing countries around the world. The emerging pandemic is driven by the combined effects of population ageing, rising levels of obesity and inactivity, and greater longevity among patients with diabetes that is attributable to improved management. The vascular complications of type 2 diabetes account for the majority of the social and economic burden among patients and society more broadly. This review summarizes the burden of type 2 diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, and their vascular complications. It is projected that by 2025 there will be 380 million people with type 2 diabetes and 418 million people with impaired glucose tolerance. Diabetes is a major global cause of premature mortality that is widely under estimated, because only a minority of persons with diabetes dies from a cause uniquely related to the condition. Approximately one half of patients with type 2 diabetes die prematurely of a cardiovascular cause and approximately 10% die of renal failure. Global excess mortality attributable to diabetes in adults was estimated to be 3.8 million deaths. Some of the complications as a result of uncontrolled diabetes are:

Macrovascular complications

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading complication of type 2 diabetes and approximately one half of patients with type 2 diabetes will die of a cardiovascular cause. Angina, myocardial infarction, stroke, peripheral artery disease, and congestive heart failure are all common among patients with type 2 diabetes.

Microvascular complications

The microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes are principally nephropathy, retinopathy, neuropathy, and small vessel vasculopathy causing lower extremity amputation. The complications account for much of the social and financial burden of diabetes  and type 2 diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, renal failure, and lower limb amputation In a nutshell, diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce insulin or does not produce enough insulin. Furthermore, the body does not use the produced or injected insulin efficiently. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and the main function is to move sugar out of the blood into body cells. All foods are turned into sugar in the digestion process. The sugar moves into the blood where insulin moves the sugar into body cells. Diabetes is a genetic disorder in most people who have diabetes.  


TREATMENT: As Homoeopathy is not a science of therapeutics, it is concerned with totality of symptoms or individuality. As regarding the cure of DM by homoeopathic medicine, the individual needs the complete miasmatic and constitutional therapy in the very early stage. In the later stage of Type 2 DM especially when the complications arises the therapeutic treatment have more value followed by constitutional treatment.

MIASMATIC TREATMENT: As there is no data suggesting about the prevention through miasmatic treatment, but if we are going through complete miasmatic study of the individual in early stages then we can easily find out about the disease for witch an individual is prone to suffer. Then, we can apply the antimiasmatic therapy as a preventive measure, which causes adecline in the tendency for the progression of the miasm.

Concluding this blog I would like the patients of diabetes to always remember the following mnemonic about this reversible disease as


Medication (Regularity/Compliance)

Exercise (For obese/sedentary life style)

Diet modification (Less Salty & Fatty food)

Ophthalmoscopic exam (EVERY Year “annually”)

Weight management Sugar check up daily

 Never close your doors before you have experimented with anything – never, never. Otherwise many things remain unlived, unknown. They were available, and you would have gone through something beautiful; you would have be enriched by them. Always say yes to the new.

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