Heart Health

Sr NoSymptom Name
1 . 46
Peri- and endocarditis, irregular heartaction. Rapid and irregular pulse. Mitral valve regurgitation. Used for cardiac dropsy. Cardiac asthma
2 . 47
Endocarditis and valvular insufficiency. Pulse feeble and irregular. Used for valvular disease in the older dog. Violent and rapid action, palpitations. Low blood pressure. Oedema of limbs.
3 . 48
Rapid and irregular pulse producing palpitation. Used for congestive heart conditions. For valvular disease with or without endocarditis.
4 . 49
Myocarditis. Irregularities of action cause state of anaemia with oedema. Used in the treatment of arrhythmic heart conditions. Helping irregularities of rhythm, weakness from chronic heart disease, dropsy. Dyspnoea on least exertion, dilated heart, weak heart sounds, valvular murmur.
5 . 50
Helps irregular heart beat and to produce a stable pulse. In low potencies aids valvular function and reduces oedema. Dilation of heart leading to hypertrophy of heart muscle. Pulse weak and irregular, slow, but quickened by least effort, heart weak and dilated, dropsy and fibrillation with cyanosis. Auricular fibrillation. Heart block.
6 . 51
Full and irregular pulse with interrupted rhythm. Dilation of heart leads to ascites. Used in palpitation with distress on exertion. Tachycardia.
7 . 52
Weak pulse. Palpitation accompanied by fibrillation. Of use in heart conditions showing slowness of action, possibly with joint conditions and ascites. Tachycardia. Nausea and vomiting. Bilious attacks with vertigo. Heart action tumultuous, rapid and visible.
8 . 53
Mitral regurgitation producing cyanosis with small feeble pulse. For older dogs with signs of cyanosis, a dry cough and respiratory distress.
9 . 54
Weak and irregular pulse. Used for asthmatic symptoms and blood-stained expectoration, older dogs associated with degenerative kidney disease.
10 . 55
Irregular tremulous pulse,endocarditis, low blood pressure. Used for old dogs where general weakness accompanies heart trouble associated with dry cough and palpitation.
11 . 56
Old patients with heart complaints and a tendency to diabetes.
12 . 57
Heart disease associated with kidney failure.
13 . 58
Irregular heart action. Degeneration of heart muscle. Low blood pressure. Dropsy.
14 . 59
Valvular insufficiency, possibly with reflex coughing. Coughing with little exercise tolerance, congested lungs and resting for long periods in sternal recumbency.
15 . 60
Fibrillation of heart muscle. Dropsy.
16 . 61
Weak action with irregular pulse. Used to tone heart muscle and remove oedema. Rapid action due to muscular debility.
17 . 62
Lowered blood pressure with slow pulse, respiratory difficulty, hypertrophic heart with valvular incompetence. Symptoms worse - winter, movement. Patient prefers sternal recumbency.
Additional Symptoms / Complaints :