Mental Health

Sr NoSymptom Name
1 . 78
premature aging; shy and easily embarrassed, blush easily, having difficulty meeting new and unfamiliar people; slow comprehension and calculation difficulties.
2 . 79
Sudden forgetfulness of anxious and under-confident students; lack of self-confidence with sudden bouts of anger and cruelty.
3 . 80
Elderly patients with childish behavior, can`t recall past event; irresolution, timid. Children with developmental delay and/or learning difficulties
4 . 81
Mental and physical exhaustion after stress or overwork; poor concentration and memory; headache, irritability and insomnia which worsen with mental exertion
5 . 82
Gradual memory loss and confusion; dyslexia, misplace words or syllable while talking; rude and bossy at home but polite and nice with strangers; right-sided physical complaints.
6 . 83
Burn out; memory loss and indifference from grief or disappointment; dwelling on the past.
7 . 84
Concentration and memory difficulties due to lack of physical and mental stamina; frequent colds or other infections during stressful periods; anxious, lack of self-confidence.
Additional Symptoms / Complaints :