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Obesity means an excess fat deposition in the body parts like pelvis, thighs and abdomen. Medically and scientifically speaking there is a pre-defined limit for optimal weight of humans of every age and sex. In obesity, this weight exceeds the maximum of pre-defined upper limit by 30%. Morbid obese is a disease wherein a person is obese by 45 kilos to what is defined for their age and sex.

Brief About Obesity

The occurrence of obesity has increased considerably since the mid 70's especially in the western world. In fact, obesity has become so widespread that more children and youngsters are obese nowadays than ever before. 70 % of the adult population in the U.S.A is regarded obese.

Obesity is fast becoming a major cause of illnesses and death like smoking cigarettes. Almost 25% of Americans are obese. Other nations are also showing a surge in obese people. In India, there is an overall increase in the variety of obese people but especially it is more widespread in northern parts of India. It is primarily due to changed eating habits in the new millennium and leisure lifestyle.

Weight gain after pregnancy has become very typical these days. Apart from physical reasons, this extra weight may be due to thyroid dysfunction, oral contraceptives, pressure and so on. Stress releases some hormones in the body which result in extra weight. Sometimes, allopathic medicines such as anti depressants and anti psychotic medicine are given for depressive disorders after maternity, which often leads to further weight gain.

Measuring OBESITY?

The most widely used calculator for obese is the Body Mass Index (BMI). This number is a ratio of a person's weight (in kilograms) of his size (in meter square). BMI from 30 up to 35 indicate obesity. For adults above 35, a BMI greater than 27 is regarded obese. According to the American Obesity Association (AOA), BMI also indicates the hazards that go along with obesity.

 BMI less than 19 indicates mal-nutrition, while those who BMIs 25 up to 30 are regarded obese for their age and sex. BMI over 40 suggests melancholy obesity. The BMI is a very sensitive signal of obesity for peoples between the ages of 19 and 70 years.



Body mass index is the most simple and useful index to estimate body fat. It is calculated as follows:

BMI =        Weight in Kilograms        /        Square of height in meters

So   BMI = Kg / square ms. or    BMI = Weight (lbs) * 703 / height (inches)2



BMI is indexed as follows for reference:


 Calculate your BMI with our Online Calculator

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Problems associated with Obesity 




                           Obesity is not just a cosmetic consideration. It is a disease associated with illness and impairment. It often leads to:

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressures

  • Disease of Heart like coronary heart diseases (CHD)

  • Diseases of gall bladder

  • Sleep apnea plus other respiratory problems

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Heart Stroke

  • Increased threats for many cancerous conditions in both men and women.

An Overview of Homeopathic treatment


Although there is no miracle cure for obesity, there is homeopathic treatment by Rambaan that could encourage faster weight-loss. A lot of people mistake herbs for homeopathic therapies. They are completely different factors.

Herbal medicines and herbs are processed into fluids or tablets. They contain substances that could eventually accumulate in various organs. That’s why some herbs are not recommended to be used for extended periods. On the contrary, homeopathic therapies do not affect organ functions. It utilizes minute amounts of natural remedies to address various health maladies. This activates the body’s natural capability to heal itself. Quite simply, homeopathy boosts your own capability to recover from any health problem. And that includes obesity.

In order to identify the main cause of obesity, the complete health history of a people has to be examined. Obesity is caused by many solutions. It could be activated by depressive disorders, thyroid problems or a defective intestinal tract.


Leading Homeopathic Treatment for Obesity by Rambaan’s Consultants

Rambaan’s Homoeopathic treatment for Obesity is proven and useful and also different from others. Our expert treatment for Obesity consists of 4 Cs - Change, Control, Cleanse, and Caloric Reduction.

  • Change: Use smaller dishes, eat with the non-prominent side i.e. if you are a right-handed people you should eat with left-hand and the other way around, do not read or watch TV while eating, chew every bite twenty times.

  • Control: The right remedy with the help of a professional homeopath of Rambaan to manage obesity.

  • Cleanse: Stay hydrated. Daily exercise for 45 minutes; any type of exercise would do; it may be walking, jogging, playing a sport, anything. Our homeopath may add solutions for liver and renal elimination. All the above muster the gathered toxic substances in the body to be cleaned away.

  • Caloric Reduction: Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables with good fibre content and low calories and sugar.

The above obesity cure has given me amazing results in sufferers who are committed and do as instructed and solutions were given.

Thus, homeopathy offers a safe, durable and holistic solution for weight loss in obese people. The remedies are composed of natural elements in small amounts with absolutely no adverse reactions. In dealing with the issue, it goes to the very root of it, is gentle on the body and considers the psychological and emotional aspects of a patient.


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Frankly speaking, there is no fast result in natural and organic remedy and, ours are 100% herbal homeopathic remedies. We guarantee that no additives, preservatives or synthesized drugs are added and, hence it will take some-time to yield results, but safely and without any adverse side effects. It will take 3-6 months to get the admirable results, but once it works it will create a permanent satisfaction.

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