Sr NoSymptom Name
1 . 37
Weak heart, Timid personality, Suffering from chronic rhinitis (inflammation of mucous membrane), worse during nights, difficulty in breathing, Early and copious periods with black and acrid blood, Depressed, disposition to weepiness, Disgust with life
2 . 38
Fat body, thin legs, large buttocks, Tendency towards grieving but cannot weep, Irritable and quick to anger, Severe ulcerative pain in the heel, worsened by rubbing.
3 . 39
Obesity in children and young people, Sensitive and sentimental people, Thickly coated white tongue, Nails discoloured and deformed, Belching with taste of what has been eaten, weak digestion, Craving salty and sour foods, Eruptions and blisters, worsened from heat of sun and touch, Alternating between diarrhoea and constipation, especially in older adults.
4 . 40
Presence of arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure.,Pain in heart region with pain moving down from the arm to the fingers, Suicidal tendency, disgust with life, melancholy, tendency to weep, Irritable, quick to anger, Ulcerated, painful nostril; soreness in nose, Sleeplessness.
5 . 41
Sweating on the forehead, wetting the pillow at night, Great anxiety with heart palpitation, Melancholy, apprehensive of impending evil, Dreading the night,Vertigo, especially on suddenly turning the head, Painful swelling of submaxillary glands, sensitive tooth, toothache, Heaviness of body, Sweating of palms, Profuse sweating with slightest exertion, Shortness of breath on ascending stairs
6 . 42
Sensitive mood, changing quickly from sadness to happiness and laughter to tears, Depression, Tendency to sadness and grief, brooding over imaginary troubles, Severe headaches, relief when lying on the painful side, Crawling, asleep sensation of the limbs, Redness of face
7 . 43
Excessive weight, Dryness of throat, swollen tonsils, glandular swelling, symptoms better when lying down, Difficulty swallowing, shooting pain through both ears, Tongue feels rough, white coated blisters on both sides of the tongue, very red tip, Rheumatic pains, sciatica, but better after movement, Pale face.
8 . 44
Women with disposition to delayed periods, Fatigue, weakness of the whole body, Itching and oozing blotches on the skin, Thick fingernails, Dark coloured, half-digested, thin stools that are too smelly, Too much flatus (gas), Gripping pain in the stomach, Sad and despondent, thinks of death.
9 . 45
Those who have excess weight gain in areas like the thighs and the buttocks., Cannot tolerate the heat radiated from the sun, Are anemic and Suffer from underlying depression along with weight gain.
Additional Symptoms / Complaints :