Sexual Health

Sr NoSymptom Name
1 . 11
Diminished sexual desire in women, with complete prostration, general debility, melancholy, apathy, sadness, scanty menses. and sterility. Women avoid copulation after abuse of sexual activities.
2 . 12
Frigidity with brain fag, absentmindedness, weak memory, lack of self-confidence, great nervousness, fear of becoming pregnant, scanty menses, nervous prostration, nervous dyspepsia, empty feeling in stomach better by eating, great prostration after coitus which makes her avoid further copulation.
3 . 13
Cutting, stitching pains in vagina during coition, vagina is painful to touch due to vaginismus or contraction of vaginal muscles, with pain extending down thighs. Ovarian pain, painful coition are factors for frigidity
4 . 14
Thirst and thirstlessness, hunger and loss of appetite. Gouty pains, urinary affections, haemorrhoids and stone in kidney are the other factors for frigidity. Patient is worse in motion, jar, standing, and in warmth.
5 . 15
Frigidity due to vaginismus, low blood pressure, constriction in vagina, pain in uterus and ovaries which prevent coition. Patient is sad, ill-humoured, has anxiety and fear of death. Numbness and coldness of hands, restless legs; patient is better in open air.
6 . 16
Frigidity due to chlorosis, anaemia, weakness, debility, prostration with pain and heaviness in vagina and pelvis. Menses too early and too profuse with pain in limbs. Patient avoids any exertion, feels better in warmth.
7 . 17
Sexual neurasthenia, impotency, frigidity or sexual debility with nervous prostration. Coldness of body with profuse, frequent, excessive flow of urine.
8 . 18
Pain in vagina during coition, vaginismus, vagina dry and hot, patient is worse in warm weather, better for cold application. Sexual desire diminished due to bearing-down pain in pelvis and vaginismus.
9 . 19
Frigidity due to vaginismus, with nervous prostration, tired feeling, mental depression, slow weak pulse, heavy legs, apathy and muscular pains all over the body. Backache after coition and great debility, languor, irritability of mind next day. Patient wants to be left alone. Frigidity as bad effect from fright, fear and from her illness. Patient feels better in open air, from continued motion and stimulants. No thirst.
10 . 20
Frigidity or sexual desire diminished with profound melancholy, mental depression but feels better when she is kept busy. Great debility, menses too frequent and too soon, foul smelling leucorrhoea, dragging down in pelvis, prolapsed feeling of uterus, great languor, prostration, and tired feeling in back. Frequent vaginitis, vulvitis with great itching, tenderness and soreness in the vaginal passage.
11 . 21
Frigidity due to vaginismus. Sexual coldness in delicate, thin, slim women with sad, worried look of the face. Sexual desires are weak or diminished after grief, shock, disappointment, frustration and worry. Intense pain at the entrance of vagina during coition with burning heat. Patient is worse after coition, in the morning, from external warmth, better by eating
12 . 22
Frigidity due to vaginismus, or aversion to coition due to dryness of vagina. Patient is weak, chlorotic, and has palpitation after little exertion. She is worse in warmth, better in cool open air.
13 . 23
Sexual desire completely gone, with acute pain in uterus, bearing down pains in pelvis, tired, numb feeling in legs, muscular weakness, worse warmth, motion, jar, better in cold air, from cold drinks and eating. Sexual nurasthenia, weariness, tiredness in legs.
14 . 24
General and sexual debility with languor, apathy and indifference. Neuralgic pains in head in feeble patients, with enuresis. Frigidity of young women, or in those who have aversion to coition. May be used for the treatment of neurotic women, i.e. , feeble women who have anxiety, mental depression, hysteria or neurosis. Ovarian pain after coition. Patient feels better in open air.
15 . 25
Frigidity due to relaxation of muscles of pelvic organs bearing down pains in vagina as if everything would escape through it. Aversion to coition due to prolapsus of uterus and vaginal wall, or due to vaginismus, with pain in back, coldness of legs. Patient is worse in cold weather, better by warmth and hot applications.
16 . 26
Women avoid coition as vagina is very sensitive to touch, and coition becomes painful due to vaginismus. There is itching of prolapsed vagina and ovaralgia, or neuralgic pain in the ovarian region, with sinkinng feeling in the stomach. Patient feels better in warmth, after taking food, and rest at night. Patient prefers solitude.
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