Skin Management

Sr NoSymptom Name
1 . 190
Intense itching. Turns to burning when scratches till raw; when burning stops, itching returns. Skin dry as paper. Flaking. Pussy. Small vesicles.
2 . 191
Eczema worst on uncovered parts or areas. Chilly, weakness. Sips cold water
3 . 193
Worse: after midnight, cold air or bath, wet; better: hot bathing, warm room
4 . 194
Red itching pimples; oozing of honey like liquid, which crusts over.
5 . 204
Margins of hair; bends of joints, behind ears. Dry flaky crusts form after.
6 . 205
Craves salt, thirsty. Greasy, oily hair. Dry skin in general. Underweight.
7 . 206
Eczema from suppressed emotion, inner grief. Avoids consolation, fuss
8 . 207
Worse: warmth, salt, seashore, And menses, better: cool weather or bathing
9 . 192
Restless. Anxious, worried about health, death, security, picky, miserly
10 . 208
Red, raw, moist surface: burning and itching: oozing after scratching.
11 . 209
Deep cracks in folds, fingers. Bleed easily, become infected. Ulcerations
12 . 210
Eruption of the palms, fingerprints, bends of joints, behind ears, genitals.
13 . 211
Itching, scratches until it bleed; the part becomes cold after scratching.
14 . 212
Worse: winter, cold air, moving vehicles, night. Better: warm air, dryness.
15 . 195
Infects and scars easily, heals slowly. Overweight, sweaty, constipated
16 . 196
Scalp. Hairline, behind ears, genitals, back of hands, palms, skin folds
17 . 197
Thickened skin. Deep cracks in fingers, heels, etc. nails thick. Grooved
18 . 198
Worse: night, menses, heat (though chilly). Better: cold application.
19 . 199
Violent itching; smarting, crawling, but parts feels cold, as if cool breeze.
20 . 200
Acrid oozing, forms hard, thick crusts with pus under them or white scabs, matting the hair. Intense burning after scratching. Eczema after vaccines
21 . 201
Scalp, margins of hair, face, lids, eyebrows, hands and feet, cracked lips
22 . 202
Worse: night, heat of bed or bath, drafts, damp, touch. Better: open air
23 . 203
Small itchy blisters with corrosive fluid; skin becomes red, raw, inflamed
24 . 213
Moist, weeping eruptions, foul odor. Intensely itchy; scratches till it bleeds, causing burning. Skin bleeds easily. Dry, scaly, cracked areas
25 . 214
Unhealthy skin, pimples, easily infected. Burning hot feet at night.
26 . 215
Hair margins, face, areas of perspiration, feet, bends of elbows, knee
27 . 216
Intellectual dreamer. Lethargic, unmotivated. Tired and always hungry
28 . 217
Worse: night, warmth of bed, heat, bathing, wool. Better: dry, cool bathing
Additional Symptoms / Complaints :