The Rambaan Story


Our heart goes all out with love and gratitude to our Spiritual Guru H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji for giving us a vision to help treat, the human population suffering from Chronic and Life style ailments with Alternative streams of medicines which believe in the healing powers of Body, Mind, Nature and God. Rambaan.com is an entity of Rambaan Aushadhi Private Limited, an entrepreneur driven company. For us healing is more than just treating symptoms, it is inspirational. The portal is an effort to bring world-class Homeopaths on a single platform, and offer their invaluable expertise to the patients across the world, visualizing the concept of Doctors without Borders. Our guiding principles are best expertise, transparency, reasonable pricing and value for money to the patients. Welcome to the journey with holistic approach towards healing with Rambaan!!!.

About Us : Rambaan 

We are not just another Homeopathy clinic, but the quickest growing Homeopathy brand in the world. Rambaan offers some of the best Homeopathic doctors for the treatments. All our doctors are trained to treat advanced pathologies and the most complicated diseases. The doctors are chosen by our administrators and made to have an extensive training, making them one of the best homeopathic doctors; you can consult for your family.

Rambaan : Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide good health care to all through excellence and affordable treatment, and also services which make simpler, improve and increase the efficiency of practitioners‘ work. Our aim is to help more people through homeopathy and to spread this type of treatment as a practical and universally acceptable treatment alternative.

Rambaan : Our Vision 

Our homeopathy treatment can be named as modern homeopathic approach of treatment that gives intense relief to the suffering of the patients by the approach of multiple remedies treatment and part by part the constitutional treatment that gives a long lasting cure to the patients.

Our ethical principles 

  • We are providing best consultation and a huge online consultant network.

  • Our treatment method is based on an ideal blend of traditional as well as modern principles.

  • If you are looking for right and best consultation for your diseases then no need to look further we are here.

  • Our main motto is to provide patients far better, superior and fixed consultation for their diseases.

  • Our huge online consultation network guarantee for reliable results.

  • We believe in providing the assistance that is upgraded, straight, constant and reliable.

  • If the opportunity of your illness treatment does not exist in homeopathy then we will not implement you for taking our treatment.

  • Here we don’t give incorrect guarantees or false commitments. We value your time and hard earned money.

  • We welcome you to provide the withstand elucidation of your medical conditions.

  • It will be tremendous pleasure to provide you the best possible consultation with appropriate guidance.

Why Online Consultation with Rambaan? 

  • Highly convenient. You can take consultation with your doctor whenever you want, no need for an appointment or waiting in line.

  • Highly affordable. Time matters than money, you can save both. It decreases the need for unnecessary repetitive consultations.

  • Highly private, be confident that, your personal information will remain secure with us and will not be disclosed to anyone else.

  • Environment friendly due to its online nature and paper less electronic record keeping. All your records available in your dashboard for future references. Total Transparency !!!.

Modern face of homeopathy treatment 

Homeopathy is aimed at exciting the psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system. The psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system can be described as the connections between psychological processes and the nervous-immune systems of the human body. A healthy state of body, mind and spirit can be described as the stability of psycho-neuro-endocrine-immune system. The brain and immune system connect with each other through some signalling routes .Two major routes are involved in this cross-communication- the Hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA axis) and the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Any difference in the psychological, psychological and spiritual level affects on this signalling system that deregulate the healthy state of physical body which is articulated externally by some signs and symptoms. Homeopathic medicines in smaller amounts help to maintain the stability of psycho-neuro-immune system thus ensuring a permanent relief from the disease condition.

Homeopathy is not a miracle medicine 

Homeopathy is a miracle science as per the thinking of many people, so it can make magic while treating even the most deadly diseases such as cancer, paralysis, comatose stages, etc. Actually, it is not. Based on certain laws like laws of similar, Homeopathy is simple a technology with its own scope and limitations. There are rules, factors and methods of application, which determine the opportunity of treatment.

Homeopathy is very effective and free from adverse reactions, but at the time of treatment, do not expect magic or miracles