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Get confidence to fight depression with Rambaan’s Homeopathy treatmen



Depression is a mental-emotional problem that shows symptoms of serious unhappiness, negativity and a standard apathy towards life. There are significant changes in regular activities as well. It is a little difficult to identify at the beginning of levels and it can move on to a more serious situation wherein a person turns suicidal. People struggling with depression may deliberately inflict physical pain on themselves as an outlet to alleviate their psychological suffering.

Below we have discussed some cognitive distortions or thinking errors which are better consulted by our expert consultants.

• Mental Filtering

Mental Filtration is a cognitive distortion where we seem to narrow factors out of our conscious awareness. We decide for example to concentrate on the negative events rather than on the positive outcomes of a condition. Or basically, we decide to concentrate on what’s no longer working, rather than on what is going on.


• Jumping To Conclusions

Jumping to Results is a cognitive distortion where we make irrational presumptions about individuals and conditions. We, for example, think that something will happen later on (predictive thinking), or think that we know what someone else is thinking (mind reading).


• Personalization

Personalization is a cognitive distortion where we continually take at fault for absolutely everything that fails with our life. Whenever anything doesn’t work out as expected, we instantly take at fault for this loss — unrelated to whether or not we are responsible for the results.

• Black And White Thinking

Black and White thinking is a cognitive distortion where we seem to see factors as all-or-nothing. Things are all good or bad, right or incorrect. In other terms, we only see the extreme conditions of the scenario.

• Catastrophizing

Catastrophizing is a cognitive distortion where we seem to strike conditions out of proportion. In other terms, we create factors out to be a lot worse than they should be. Now, of course, view of our situation might actually be very different. The problem we face may, in reality, be quite an insignificant minor mishap.

• Overgeneralization

Overgeneralization is a cognitive distortion where we make broad generalisations that are depending on a single event and little proof. More specifically, it's the propensity to use our previous encounters as a blueprint for making presumptions about present or upcoming conditions. In other terms, you are basically using a past event to calculate the upcoming.

• Labelling

Labelling is a cognitive distortion where we make global statements about ourselves or about others depending on the scenario of particular actions. Now of course, how we label factors often showcases our inner perception techniques. Actually the more we seem to brand something, the more powerful the assumption techniques at play

• Should "ing" And Must "ing"

Should and Must are also one type of cognitive distortions where we make impractical and unreasonable requirements on ourselves, and on others. You might, for example, say, "I must… I should… You must… You should…". These claims put unnecessary pressure on you, and on other individuals to meet your high personal requirements and objectives in certain situations

• Emotional Reasoning

Emotional Thinking is a cognitive distortion where we seem to understand our experience of truth based on how we are feeling at the moment. Therefore how we feel about something effectively forms how we perceive and interpret the scenario we find you in

• Magnification And Minimization

Magnification and Minimization is a cognitive distortion where we seem to increase the beneficial features of another person while reducing our own beneficial features. You talk-down all your beneficial features and achievements in order to lower people’s objectives.


Homeopathic Approach 

Homeopathy offers an exceptional treatment for all stages of Depression, particularly in the early stages. Various symptoms of also treated by Homeopathy.

Homeopathy can favourably impact personality traits that are working at the base of disease. The critical facet is that depression is a disease in which inherited make-up is lead with environmental stress result in disease. Homeopathic medicines are very strong in performing and having the potential to reverse inherited propensities. Homeopathy medicines deal with the main cause of the disease and hence avoid the relapse and recurrence of the disease. Last but not the least; homeopathy medicines are totally exempt from any side-effects in contrast to most of the traditional medicines like anti-depressants and anxiolytics.

Homeopathy goes into the depths of depression, and the treatment is thus based on the fundamental causes of it. The results obtained using from homeopathy can be enhanced with helpful actions like counselling and psychotherapy.

As opposed to standard treatment, homeopathic treatment does not treat depressive disorders by covering up the symptoms with medicines. In addition, traditional treatment requires could be the use of the drugs, without which the signs would happen again. In contrast, homeopathic treatment targets the cause becoming a permanent cure of the condition by stimulating the individual’s own natural forces of restoration, instead of recommending medicines based completely on diagnosing. In homeopathy we treat the individual thereby eliminate the symptoms!


The symptoms of depression 

Medically speaking, and as suggested by the consultants at Rambaan, you have depression when you have the following symptoms:

  • Sadness/ gloom

  • loss of interest in actions normally enjoyed

  • changes in sleep patterns

  • an inability to concentrate or create decisions

  • an absence of your normal energy or an uncharacteristically unsettled feeling

  • a personal sensation of despondency or unworthiness

  • thoughts of suicide or death




Homeopathic Treatment for Depression

Selection of a correct homeopathic medicine for depression needs professional expertise, detailed case evaluation of the patient’s life, in-depth knowledge of homeopathy, proper knowing about depression and the psychological diseases, training in counselling and the like. Simply consulting our experts at Rambaan and taking proper consultation will surely give you the benefit.

Advantages of using Rambaan Homeopathy for Depression

Advantages of using Rambaan Homeopathy for Depression.

Advantages of homeopathic treatment include safety, no poisoning, the absence of any negative reactions and a noticeable difference in other medical concerns. It does not contaminate the surroundings, does not use animal testing to collect information and is cost-effective.

Treatment for Depression

  • Counselling classes with a skilled psycho-therapist (recommended).

  • Consultation with a specialist.

  • Spiritual treatment through chants, assistance, positive ideas.

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Pursuing and devoting time in favourite hobbies

  • Medicine.

  • Medicine.

Healing Depression With Rambaan Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural and non-toxic solution for several diseases. The most important advantage of homeopathy over other drugs is that it does not cause any negative complication. It is safe and can be used for all age groups without having to worry about any damaging impact. Homeopathy is known to be very efficient at dealing with depression. Our Homeopathy medicines are recommended after a thorough study of the above symptoms. Homeopathy first treats the above mentioned symptoms and then provides relief; for example, the constant mental exhaustion or some physical pain. It then works on the cause of the disease. In such cases, the medicines will impact and treat the hormone problems or nerve problems. Following this, homeopathy medicines will try to avoid the onset of depression in future. If you wish to talk about any specific problem, you can seek advice from Rambaan.

You pick out a single negative detail and dwell on it exclusively, so that your vision of all reality becomes darkened. Like the drop of ink that discolours a beaker of water. Example: you receive many positive comments about your presentation to a group of associates at work, but one of them says something mildly critical. You obsess about his reaction fir days and ignore the positive feedback.

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Frankly speaking, there is no fast result in natural and organic remedy and, ours are 100% herbal homeopathic remedies. We guarantee that no additives, preservatives or synthesized drugs are added and, hence it will take some-time to yield results, but safely and without any adverse side effects. It will take 3-6 months to get the admirable results, but once it works it will create a permanent satisfaction.

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