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Diabetes mellitus is infamously hard to treat and some of the cases are so challenging to handle that many homeopaths usually shy away from accepting Diabetes cases or they are unable to do justice to them. The dangerous enhanced glucose problem occurs at your body’s cells, and its homeopathic treatment needs both constitutional and miasmatic approaches. Rambaan’s research based homeopathic treatment formulations, developed painstakingly by its experienced Consultants can effectively deal with the rising prevalence of Diabetes mellitus which is nothing but a metabolic disorder and/ or Lifestyle oriented disease which, if not managed properly leads to many other life threatening complications. We are pretty sure that patients who opt for Rambaan’s Homeopathic Treatment Packages for Diabetes will not only be able to manage their Diabetes, but will also be able to counter overall debility and other secondary issues associated with the onset of Diabetes.

Types of Diabetes

  • Type I : This appears in teenagers, usually before the age of 20 years. Insulin is essential for its treatment.

  • Type II : It may happen in any age group but usually diagnosed after the age of 40 years. Oral hypoglycemic agents are the choice of healing. Insulin is needed only occasionally for the treatments for Type II Diabetes.

  • Gestational Diabetes: It is detected during maternity. Treatment solutions are usually not needed. Blood sugar levels come down to the Regular after delivery of the baby

Other types of Diabetes mellitus include genetic Diabetes, which is due to inherited problems of insulin secretion, cystic fibrosis-related Diabetes, steroid Diabetes induced by high doses of glucocorticoids, and several types of monogenic Diabetes.

Homeopathy for Diabetes: Curable?

According to recent survey reports about 5% of the total world, population is affected by Diabetes Mellitus and in India, the incidence rate is reasonably high. Currently, about 20% of Indian Population is at Risk to develop Diabetes Mellitus in future i.e. they are having abnormal glucose Tolerance test. Studies have also revealed that diabetic women tend to suffer more as compared to their male counterparts. A diabetic male has double the chances of a heart failure. But In the case of diabetic female, the risk grows to almost 5 times and it is 8 times more if the patient is a young female.

Diabetes is associated with long-lasting problems that affect almost every main issue with our bodies. It contributes to Loss of vision, Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney Failure, Amputations, and Nerve Damage. Uncontrolled Diabetes can make difficult for maternity.

When should you go for consultation:



You're tired all the time

Increased Fatigue (tired all the time): - Unexplainable weakness, due to the ineffectiveness of the cell in the metabolising Sugar the reserved fat of the body is digested to gain energy.



You're thirstier than usual

Polydipsia (thirstier than usual): - As the absorption of Glucose increases in the blood the brain receives signals for diluting it and in its counteraction patient feels Dehydrated.



You're taking more bathroom breaks

Polyuria (taking more bathroom breaks): - Increased in urine creation is due to excess glucose present in the body, which gets rid of the extra glucose in the blood by removing it through urine. This results in a lack of fluids because along with sugar a lot of water is also excreted out of the body.



You feel shaky and hungry

Polyphagia (feel shaky and hungry): - The hormone insulin is also responsible for stimulating Hunger. In order to deal with high sugar levels in blood, the body creates insulin which ends up in increased hunger.



You've lost a little weight

Weight Fluctuation (lost a little weight): - Factors like lack of water (polyuria), glucosuria, metabolism of extra fat and protein may lead to weight-loss.



Your vision seems blurry

Blurry Vision (vision seems blurry): - This Hyperosmolar hyperglycemia nonketotic condition is the disease when liquid of our body is pulled out of tissues as well as lenses of the eye, which affects its ability to focus resulting in blurred eyesight.



Your cuts and scrapes heal more slowly

Poor Wound Healing (cuts and scrapes heal more slowly): - High blood sugar restricts the growing of WBC,(White Blood Cells) which lead to the body’s immune system. When these tissues do not function effectively wounds do not heal properly.



You're moody and grumpy

Effect on Brain (moody and grumpy): - When there is high glucose level in your body, it can cause mood fluctuations and the inability to concentrate. You feel very tired and sleepy every time. When glucose level comes to normal, then mood swing also come to normal.



You're more prone to urinary tract and yeast infections

Yeast Infections:- Yeast live well in the moist and warm environment of the vagina ( as well as under the foreskin of the penis). When the blood glucoses is high, it is neturally higher in the reproductive organs as well, and yeast organisms live and thrive on the server.



Your feet tingle

Your feet tingle (Muscle and nerve problems): -Elevated sugar levels can cause complications well before you realize you have diabetes. One of these is mild nerve damage, which can cause numbness in your feet. As muscle mass is lost, the tissue breakdown can result in loss of electrolytes (salts present in all tissues of the body, especially abundant in the muscles). When electrolytes are lost, the muscles become prone to a cramping pain. The increased glucose also passes into the nerve tissues. This radically alters the electrolytes in the nerves. The affected nerves can give false messages to the brain, and this is perceived as numbness, tingling or even pain.

How Homeopathy enables you to stop Diabetes?

In homeopathy, Diabetes is seen as a mirror image of the body’s lack of ability to function optimally. There is an inconsistency that results to effectively utilise the insulin that it produces or to produce sufficient insulin for its requirement. While symptoms often disappear after traditional treatment, the vital force does not. Homeopathy can be used successfully in the treatments for Diabetes.

Here at Rambaan, we mainly concentrate on the functioning of the pancreas in efficient insulin production. The metabolic condition of a patient affected by Diabetes needs both therapeutic and nutritional measures to correct the illness. Homeopathy can regulate glucose metabolic rate while helping to resolve the metabolic disruptions that cause to Diabetes. Furthermore, homeopathy allows stimulating the body’s self-healing powers to avoid problems such as open leg sores and other dysfunctions of the blood vessel, loss of vision, kidney failure. Homeopathic treatment does not focus one illness, a body part or a symptom. Remedies are recommended based on an assembly of presenting symptoms, their stresses in life.

Homeopathy is based on the principle that disease is an important portion of the body. Homeopathy is very efficient at managing all the symptoms of Diabetes and furthermore performs an important part in avoiding a relapse of the condition. Homeopathic medicines are recommended on the basis of physical, emotional, and genetic makeup that individualises a person. This constitutional strategy creating mind and body works at the root-level.

Moreover, Homeopathy recognises the importance of root cause such as inherited and inherited aspects as a cause of any ailment of the body. The Homeopathy medicines recommended on such strongly plays an important part in the management of many deep-rooted, chronic, difficult diseases; one amongst them being Diabetes which we can manage to a normal level of sugar in urine and blood. Diabetes cannot be cured completely but can successfully control with homeopathic medicines. People with Diabetes often lead a healthy life if their blood sugar level is under control. Timely-treatment Homeopathy medicines not only support in maintaining the levels of sugar, protein and fat metabolic rate but will also help in avoiding further improvement and hence problems of the disease. The stressful aspects of Diabetes like BP, Obesity, nephropathy, retinopathy, Diabetic etc. can be helped by Homeopathic medication. The problems of Diabetes also can be controlled tremendously with Homeopathy.

 Rambaan’s Homeopathy Method for Diabetes:

At Rambaan, our expert consultants offer Homeopathic treatment for Diabetes and approach every case in a holistic way and take into consideration not only the symptoms of the disease but also the physical constitution and mental state of the patient. This treatment at Rambaan is designed to keep sugar under control as well as to correct the root cause and stimulates the insulin secretion as well as encourages the insulin utilization by the cells. Homeopathy treatment will work along with the conventional treatment.

Diabetes treatment at Rambaan also is designed to improve overall health thereby avoiding the diabetic problems. Homeopathy treatment for Diabetes at Rambaan is an ultimate choice as it does not have adverse reactions and is very safe and impressive.

Frankly speaking, there is no fast result in natural and organic remedy and, ours are 100% herbal homeopathic remedies. We guarantee that no additives, preservatives or synthesized drugs are added and, hence it will take some-time to yield results, but safely and without any adverse side effects. It will take 3-6 months to get the admirable results, but once it works it will create a permanent satisfaction.

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