Heart Health

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Heart Health (High B.P., High Cholestral, Palpitation)

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High blood pressure or hypertension is by and large a bane of today’s stressful and lethargic lifestyle. People suffering from High B.P., often resort to popping pills, which are primarily diuretics in nature. This must be understood that High B.P. is often a result of High Cholesterol which may ultimately lead to Angina, Thrombosis, Heart Attack, Heart Failure and/ or Stroke. It is necessary to note down here that Homeopathic Medicines for Hypertension do not work like the usual allopathic medicines. The allopathic medicines may suddenly lower the blood pressure, which in turn may last for some hours. Subsequently, you have to repeat the dose twice a day or every day depending upon the potency or the salt recommended. This practice is continual when it comes to allopathy. This indicates that the medicines are addictive in nature and therefore create a drug dependency for almost entire life, with requirement to upgrade to a higher configuration of salts to keep a check on the ongoing problem of the patient, seldom or never providing any permanent relief. Homeopathic Medicines on the other hand address the root cause i.e. High Cholesterol, mental stress and other primary factors that result in High B.P., thereby providing a Systemic relief instead of Symptomatic relief. Usually only choice left is surgery.

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A brief about Hypertension

An individual with consecutive blood pressure results above 140/90 within a short time needs to be tested and treated without delay. High Blood pressure can commence much early in life and most of the time goes overlooked for many years. Force of blood pushing in opposition to blood vessel walls is the blood pressure. The heart pumps blood into the arteries, which transmit it throughout the body. Blood pressure relates to pressure within the arterial walls and adjusts according to your body's changeable need for the amount of oxygen and nutrients. High blood pressure is risky as it makes the heart to work more to push blood to the body and it put in to hardening of the arteries and further increasing heart failure.

Hypertensive heart disease is the most dreaded and No. 1 disease resulting in untimely deaths throughout the world. It relates to a collection of disorders that includes heart failure, hypertensive heart disease, ischemic heart disease and left ventricular hypertrophy which occurs by excessive thickening of the heart muscle.

Heart disease relates to various types of conditions that may impact the function of the heart. These types include:

  • Coronary artery (atherosclerotic) heart disease that impacts the arteries to the heart

  • Valvular heart disease that impacts how the valves function to regulate blood flow in and out of the heart

  • Cardio myopathy that impacts how the heart muscles squeeze

  • Heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias) that impact the electrical conduction.

  • Heart infections where the heart has structural problems that developed in the fetus.

  • Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease in the US and effects a considerable size of population in India as well.

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  • Blurred vision

  • Difficulty in breathing

  • Dizziness

  • Palpitation

  • Fainting

  • Headache

  • Chest pain

History of diabetes, heart disease, asthma, gout, smoking, drinking, self-medicine or use of oral contraceptives should also be brought to the notice of the doctor.


  • High hypertension indicates pressure inside the veins (called arteries) is too much. As the heart pushes against this pressure, it must keep working more. Eventually, this causes the heart muscles to thicken

  • Because there are often no symptoms with hypertension, people can have the issue without knowing it. Sometimes for many years the symptoms of poor blood pressure remains under control, we notice when damage to the heart has occurred

  • Without treatments for hypertension, signs of heart failure may develop. Sometimes, the muscles can be so thick that it does not get sufficient oxygen. This can be the reason for angina (chest pain).

  • Thickening of the blood vessel walls is due to high blood pressure. When united with cholesterol stores in the blood vessels, the danger of cardiac problems increases. Hypertensive heart disease is the main reason of disease and death from hypertension.

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 Homoeopathy for hypertension


On the opposite, when you go for Homeopathy treatment for Hypertension, the result will not be immediate. Hence it shows that hypertension will not cure in minutes when you take the homeopathic medicine. Rather, it shows its result and effect after some days or weeks. Once near the normal blood pressure the high blood pressure starts to fall, the results will last long. After a few months, the blood pressure will come down on track and even if you are not taking the homeopathic medicines for high BP, your hypertension will remain normal. Before we go into the specifics of the therapy, it is important that we understand the dynamics of hypertension or BP, what it is, its causes and signs.


 Rambaan’s Homeopathy approach to High BP or Hypertension

In the homeopathic procedure of treatment, the medicines do not have an immediate sedative result. They need some time to contract the body and the various techniques back into shape. This is because the pressure is on getting to the root of the issue. Homeopathy does not work in an outward manner. It just does not aim at alleviating the person signs. On the other hand, the effort is to get the body, the various techniques and the resistance back to the normal. Once that takes place, the body and its own inborn immune systems are able to get all under control. This can then allow you to live medicine-free life. Rambaan’s consultants are expert in treating High BP with natural Homeopathic medicines. They have found these homeopathic medicines to be most commonly effective and successful for the treatments for hypertension.

Our pools of consultants are experienced and, we treat early symptoms of hypertension which respond to homeopathy much better than those late symptoms as they are already used some antihypertensive medicines for a long time. Again, for acute hypertensive crisis homeopathy does not work. We, at Rambaan, consult and treat only early symptoms of High blood pressure, who are not on the normal anti-hypertensive medicines. We also treat those resistant cases who have not responded to the regular treatment.

According to many research, it shows that about 62% of heart attacks and 49% of strokes are due to hypertension. Rambaan Homeopathy can help hypertension, analysing its reason through a holistic approach that looks to treat the person as a whole. Homeopaths just apply symptoms, and the impression of facing those symptoms, to conclude which natural remedy will most effectively trigger the body’s healing response.

Rambaan’s Homeopathic treatment methods are recommended because they not only can lower and stabilise blood pressure and cholesterol, they also have a positive influence on overall heart health

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Frankly speaking, there is no fast result in natural and organic remedy, our 100% herbal homeopathic remedy. No additive, preservative, no synthesized drugs it will take some-time but safely without any adverse side effects, it will take 3-6 months to get the admire result, but once it’s works it will create a permanent satisfaction.

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