The Rambaan Testimonials

Before Rambaan Treatment I had Zero Quality of Life
Deepak K Singh , 38 , Male , Jodhpur

Diabetes had rendered me with zero quality of life. My diabetes was totally out of control, with HBA1C @ 13.5 and fasting @ 300. I came to know of Rambaan Homeopathy from FB,  and started their treatment with trust, within 3 months my HBA1C dropped to 9.2 and fasting @ 150. I have again started to enjoy my life now with renewed energy, vigour and vitality. I wish many more diabetics like me benefit from Rambaan.

Very Happy with the Treatment
Hemant Gupta , 37 , Male , Lucknow

My blood glucose was always out of control.Then I chose Rambaan's Homeopathic Treatment, and my HBA1C level dropped from 9.1 to 7.2 in 3 months, I have also lost 15 kg of additional weight, as I followed their suggestions regarding Diet and Exercise. I am now Lighter, Energetic & Happier. Thanks to Rambaan.

With Rambaan Homeopathy I started enjoying my LIFE
Beniah S Lal , 48 , Male , Lucknow

Living with diabetes for more than 15 years, I had imagined  Living a Life with debilities as fate. I have been using treatment for 03 months must say my HBAIC from 9.8 dropped to 6.7. Lot of positive changes and muscle recuperation . I am very happy and would wish more people would benefit from what is available at Rambaan. I wish they keep  on doing the good they have begun!!

From Low Energy level to Enthusiasm
Rajani Agarwal , 40 , Male , Darjeeling

Being a diabetic I was suffering from low energy level, multiple problems and totally uncontrolled diabetes(My fasting sugar was usually around 450), even though I was taking 25 units insulin, 3 times a day. With Rambaan Homeopathy's treatment my fasting sugar now(within 3 months) remains around 200. My latest HBA1C is 9. I have great energy levels now and no body aches or morning sickness. Now I am taking only 16 units of insulin twice a day. Thanks for all the support, treatment and guidance from Rambaan experts!!

Rambaan Saved my family Life
Rohit Kumar , 36 Years , Male , Lucknow

 Due to bad childhood habits I had lost my Vigour & Vitality. Rambaan Homeopathy healed me menatlly and physically to regain my lost Libido and Power. We are now a happy couple and a happy family, thanks to Rambaan